Dram E63 exploration series “Smoked Snake Oil”91.02 smoky & peaty

Dram E63
exploration series
“Smoked Snake Oil”
smoky & peaty
Blackadder Puff Adder PA:01

The Stats

Dram # E63
Released October 20, 2019
Expires November 16, 2019
Blender Blackadder
Strength 46%
Type Blended Malt
Release First-Ever Batch
Price $134.90 $119.40  tax inc.

Group Review

Eye 4.19 / 5
Nose 22.64 / 25
Mouth 36.76 / 40
Memory 27.43 / 30

About This Dram

Well, the first-ever Snake Pit is just around the corner – and will feature 6 single malts from Blackadder. I thought we could have a warm-up first though with the very first batch of Blackadder’s latest creation – the Puff Adder. As with many of Blackadder’s creations, the recipe for this whisky is a tightly kept secret, but here’s what they have to say –

“Puff Adder is a tantalising vatting of Single Malt Whiskies, carefully selected and blended in Scotland for Blackadder. Puff Adder: It’s in the name… A puff of smoke and buttery, sweet vanilla, bottled using minimal filtration so as not to lose the oils and esters we cherish. There is no bite, just a long, lingering finish. To be enjoyed on its own or with mixers. Blackadder, creating unique whisky-tasting experiences!”

So not an awful lot to go off of – I guess if you want any more clues you’ll just have to come and taste it! And if you’re reading this before Oct 27 2019, then now’s the time to sign up for the Snake Pit debut. Find out more and reserve your seats here.

Dram Association Panel Notes

The nose greeted me with aromas of freshly baked pain au chocolat, sweet earthy smoke and slightly burnt maple syrup. It’s a pretty enticing aroma profile to be welcomed with. The palate retained much of the sweet and smokey notes but added layers of savoury and zest to the mix that came across like a baked ham and candied lemon peels.

So the biggest takeaway here is how rich and full flavoured a 46% abv whisky can be when presented with minimum filtration. Honestly, I’ve never had a whisky at this strength with such a level of concentrated flavour and oiliness before. Well, aside from 40+ year old cask strength malt that has naturally reduced to 46% – but if you haven’t got three or four grand to spare, this is a surprisingly good alternative. For a first-ever batch, Blackadder knocked this one out of the park. I can’t wait for the Snake Pit!

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