Dram Association? Huh?

We are an inclusive club for exclusive whisky, based at The Strath Ale, Wine & Spirit Merchants in Victoria BC. Whether you are a seasoned scotch veteran, a bourbon geek, or brand new to whisky - we welcome you to explore the vast world of whisky with the largest whisky community on Vancouver Island. Whether you are sampling a dram in-store, or attending a masterclass or event - The Dram Association is your gateway to an incredible whisky experience.

The Dram Association is curated and organized by Adam Bradshaw (hi, that's me!), and is run by the dedicated staff of The Strath Ale Wine & Spirit Merchants. If you have any questions about The Dram Association or whisky in general, you can reach me easily via email at whisky@strathliquor.com.

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The Dram Association is free to join, and is always open to new members! Simply by filling out the form below you will have access to member benifits such as in-store drams, tasing events, exclusive preorders, great discounts on all featured whiskies, and even 5% off all other whiskies in store!

Premier Subscription

Get The Most Out Of Your Membership

Are you ready to join the inner sanctum? Premier Subscribers get an incredible suite of extra benefits. For just $10 per month, you can get all of the following.

► 10% off of all regularly priced whiskies at strathliquor.com
► $5 off of every masterclass and tasting event
► Exclusive first access to limited edition rare whiskies such as Blantons and Weller
► Access to extra special discounts passed on by the importer (historically up to 65% off)
► 10% off of all regularly priced whiskies in store
► All in-store "Exploration Series" drams reserved for you (valued at $10-$15 per month)

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How to dram

Exploration Series

The biggest part of the Dram Association is the Exploration Series of Drams. These are released every second Sunday and are available for up to four weeks to taste at The Strath Ale Wine & Spirit Merchants.

To sample one of these whiskies - simply come into the store and buy a ticket for 5 dollars. Tickets are available on the day that the Dram launches, and often sell out quickly. Then, any time before 7pm (5pm on Fridays & Saturdays) you can trade in that ticket for a whisky. Simple eh? The tickets do expire after 4 weeks though - so make sure you don't miss it!

Promotional Series

These Drams are completely free - so when one is announced in an email, twitter, or on the website - just pop in and ask a member of staff for a ticket.

Special Series

The way you get a ticket for a Special Series Dram is will vary - but the whiskies are always interesting! Just like the Exploration Series and the Promotional Series, you redeem these tickets in store at The Strath to sample.

Sometimes Special Series tickets will be given out for free at an event, or sometimes they will be on sale in the store as a supplement to the Exploration Series.

Masterclass Series

These are the whiskies that are sampled during our monthly masterclasses! Education has never been so delicious.

Tasting Series

As well as offering masterclasses, we also have occasional group tastings. You'll be updated via email whenever there's an upcoming event.


Adam & The TEAM

Hi, I'm Adam - the whisky guy at The Strath. If you ever have any queries about whisky here in Victoria, or just want to chat about whisky in general then don't be a stranger! You can reach me via whisky@strathliquor.com or via my personal twitter handle @WhiskyOnMyMind

I first started working in whisky at the tender age of 18, behind the bar (and sometimes a guitar) at an award winning folk music bar in Edinburgh Scotland. From there I travelled the world, even working as the brewer for a single malt distillery in Melbourne Australia for a while. I settled here in Victoria BC a couple of years ago, and was simply blown away by the whisky community here. I soon made it my mission to help that community grow stronger and larger. The Dram Association is not just my job, it's my passion.

The Dram Association wouldn't be possible without the support of the whole staff at The Strath Ale Wine & Spirit Merchants. Especially our dedicated full timers and Dram Association panelists Bret and Dave. I'm sure they've probably poured a dram or two for you!

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